space and calm

The character of a room has considerable influence on patient well-being and their recovery. The Q100 creates spaces of calm. The product merges with the architecture to produce a single unit - an integrative room concept which becalms the clinical atmosphere - whilst providing full functionality and ergonomics for personnel and patient alike.

Die Q100 is more than a medical supply unit. It is a modular construction system, solving all supply challenges and releasing space for creativity in the room design. It can be used in a number of environments, ranging from normal care duties to the care home. The Q100 provides a whole range of new design features with which to realize a homely environment. Its combinable basic form enables its perfect integration in the room design.

As the Q100 "integrative vitra", it is integrated either flush or laterally in a wall panel. The panel acts as an access frame to a central, illuminated window. This medical care unit thus adopts an especial spatial and architectural appearance. The panel and window can be adapted to the room design both in terms of material and surface and at the same time, functions as a wall protector. The connections are accessible from the front and the side. Purely frontal or lateral access is also possible. The positive-fitting integrateable equipment rail profile (25 x 10 mm) for attaching medical devices represents the perfect supplement.

The Q100 system represents the perfect solution for the deployment of multimedia terminals at the patient bed. The feed-in and wall-fastening of TV extension arms can be integrated smoothly.