light is life

The Schyns S 120 and LED light Schyns S 121 match the Q100 integrative vitra.

The S120 light uses energy-efficient T5 fluorescent tubes for general lighting and the reading light. The general indirect lighting spreads its light equally throughout the room. The direct reading light enables variable horizontal adjustment. The light position can be adjusted to the situation presented by the care room. Alterations (such as relocating the bedside table for left-handed people) can be undertaken with no difficulty.

The S121 light makes consistent use of electricity-saving LED technology for both indirect general lighting and direct reading lighting. A prism cover ensures effective light diffusion. The light strength is dimmable. The light colour can be variably adjusted between cold and warm, providing the correct light for every situation. With an especially slim housing design, this practically re-defines elegance in a patient room.

The S121 also allows the reading light to be switched on and off in a horizontal position. Medical personnel can react flexibly to the room occupancy and implement a range of scenarios.