minimal invasiveness

Modern medicine seeks to reduce the burden on the patient by reducing invasive treatment to a minimum. The S400 has transferred this approach to the patient room: the slimmest care unit possible with a clear form language and a front made completely of translucent plastic. It acts as a surface over which the sun rises as soon as the light is switched on.

The Q400 responds to the invasion of the patient room by medical equipment with the creation of a pleasant visual calming effect - with maximum functionality for personnel and patient alike. All the necessary electric sockets and communications connections, medical gas outlets and general and reading lights are integrated in a highly-flexible modular system.

For situations requiring »only« the best lighting: the light S400 light. As with the S400, it is fitted with indirect general lighting, adjustable reading lights, a night light and optional RBG LED surround lighting.
The special acceptance system on the underside enables supplementing the S400 with accessories enabling a response to almost every requirement.