Medical intensive care unit
for the ventilation in corona hospitals

mobile and flexible

The Schyns Q100 intensive mobile system renders a flexible and location-independent use for patient care possible, particularly for oxygen supply. It has been especially conceived for the use of ventilators in emergency care situations, such as e.g. SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19.

Due to the medical intensive care unit Schyns Q102-2 mounted to a transport system a norm-compliant and safe care of a patient needing e.g. ventilation is secured as required by the medical product law. The system is suitable for auxiliary emergency clinics, tent hospitals as well as converted normal care wards. It can be operated self-sustainingly with oxygen cylinders or connected to the central gas supply.

Optionally, the supply of 2 more beds via the «master»-system is possible. In this case two additional «slave»-systems are connected to the «master»-system by distributor boxes (for oxygen and power with integrated preliminary fuses), which are connected to the local supply in turn. Thanks to numerous standard equipment rails 25x10 mm as well as the two Ø 32 mm round rods the Q100 intensive mobile system can be equipped optimally for each individual case.

The mobile transport is made easy due to the docking system. Simply hook the Q100 intensive mobile in the head of the bed and transport both systems together in a time- and personnel-saving way. For the quick use you need an oxygen cylinder pressure reducer with NIST exit and 2 circuits for the power supply.

Protected by registered patent and design.

 q100 intensiv mobil 02 01


The Q100 intensive mobile system consists of the following components:

Schyns Q100 intensive mobile
dimensions (W×H×D) 600× 2 9 2 ×116 mm,
for the emergency care of 1 patient, incl.:
3 × Schuko socket with control light NPS
3 × Schuko socket with control light SPS
1 × potential equalisation socket, single
2 × oxygen outlet
2 × standard equipment rail 25×10 mm

docking system (optional)
for easy transport of carriage together with the patient bed.

carriage 400×600 mm (optional)
for mobile transport of Schyns Q100 intensive mobile supply unit, incl.:
1 × basic pedestal on castors, with oxygen cylinder seat
2 × V2A round rod Ø 32 mm

media distributor "oxygen O2" (optional)
for distributing oxygen to 3 mobile systems by means of connection hoses. The distributor is equipped with an additional standard equipment rail 25×10 mm for affixing accessories.
Media distributor, consisting of:
1 × media distributor with standard equipment
rail 25×10 mm,
Hose set, consisting of:
1 × connection hose oxygen / O2 1. 50 m
3 × connection hose oxygen / O2 3. 00 m

media distributor "230V NPS+SPS" (optional)
for distributing 2 power circuits (e.g. NPS+SPS) to a maximum of 3 mobile systems. Line protection against excess load and acoustic fault signal are included. The connection cables are equipped with plugs that cannot be mixed up.
1 × media distributor with standard equipment
rail 25x10 mm
1 × cable set for connecting 2 power circuits to
Q100 intensive mobile (master unit) 1 .50 m
2 × cable set for connecting 2 power circuits to
Q100 intensive mobile (slave unit) 3 .00 m