fine lines

As horizontal medical supply unit the Schyns S 700 can be harmonically integrated into each patient room design – into straight-lined new buildings as well as into stylish old buildings. The supply unit is available in two modern and one classic versions: the S 700 a appears especially fine due to the surrounding thin edge, the front of model S 700 b is horizontally stretched by a slim aluminium stripe and the S 700 classic fits into classic interiors by stylish decorative profiles.

The housing of the medical supply unit is made of extruded, naturally anodized aluminium. HPL-décors can be flush-fitted into the front, thus carrying on the design of the patient room – or setting accents deliberately. Furthermore, there is the possibility to have the front in glass look in several plain colours.

Fitted end covers made of anodized aluminium complete the high quality impression. The top and bottom sides are inclined by 6°. The upper side consists of highly translucent PMMA (acrylic) and is extremely resistant to common cleaning and disinfection solutions.

stylish classic

The sensible and style-supporting refurbishment of old buildings requires suitable products: the S 700 classic can be convincingly integrated into such interior decoration. Due to the fine decorative profiles and the possibility to adapt the colour of the medical supply unit it can be used as part of the architecture like stucco elements. If requested the profiles can also be colour accentuated. Of course, its functional and technical features, from light technology to Schyns accessories-groove, are identical with those of the other S 700 versions – and thus always up-to-date.