shape and function

The shape follows the function – that is the idea of the free 03 design.

By the arrangement of the supply and lighting unit elements everything is placed where fulfilling its purpose best: sockets and medical gases are located well within reach above the patient bed, the lighting unit illuminates the room, reading and examination area perfectly from above.

The free 03 frees itself from classical forms whilst fulfilling all demands of functionality and manageability. The compact unit combines the media supply with a wooden panel and a lighting unit on top. The sockets for high and low voltage current and the medical gases are directly accessible from the front. Wall brackets for multimedia arms can be integrated behind the wooden panel.

light and space

The lighting unit, optionally Schyns S 120 or the LED luminaire S 121, is placed full-length on top of the base carcass. The S 120 light uses energy-efficient T5 fluorescent lamps for general lighting and the reading light. The indirect general lighting diffuses its light equally throughout the room. The direct reading light enables variable horizontal adjustment. Thus the position of the light can be adjusted to the situation presented by the care room; e.g. if the bedside table has to be relocated to the other side of the bed for left-handed people.

The S121 light makes consistent use of electricity-saving LED technology for both indirect general lighting and direct reading lighting. With an especially slim housing design, the S 121 practically re-defines elegance in a patient room. The underside of both lighting units has a suspension groove in which practical accessories can be suspended without tools.

compact and comfortable

Adapted to medical use: of course, the free 03 can also be fitted with a suspension groove in which Schyns accessories can be suspended. There is also the possibility to integrate an additional standard equipment rail 25 x 10 mm.

The harmonious combination of extruded, naturally coloured anodized aluminium profiles with coloured fronts make a high-class finish. A range of front decors are available, enabling the adaptation of the supply unit to the interior design or the setting of coloured accents.

en detail

The medical supply units are manufactured in compliance with all relevant standards.

Our quality management plan is certified for medical products in accordance with

  • EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009
  • Appendix II of the EU directive 93/42/EEC


in use

Every project brings unique requirements. We provide individual solutions. Here is only a small selection of our finished projects. Our expertise in planning and production combined with the systematic structure of all our products enables us to make a bespoke response to your needs and wishes. We work together with you, the customer, to realize the perfect finish.