O2 concentrator

The ATF modules: quiet, maintenance-free and reliable!
The OXYMED oxygen concentrators do not use conventional PSA-technology but rely on the innovative „Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF). The ATF-module does not pulsate but rotates at low speed level. Eliminating any disturbing pulsating noise, this enables a steadier level of oxygen production, obviating any need for pressure regulation. A single compact ATF-module replaces up to 60 pneumatic and 30 electric components as used in conventional systems. OXYMED devices require a total of c. 200 fewer components than their conventional counterparts. The ATF-module is absolutely maintenance-free, wear-free and is self-cleaning.  Bringing high levels of reliability, this reduces maintenance to a minimum.

.The compressors are oil-free, maintenance-free and entirely reliable.
Operating entirely oil-free, the compressors of the Oxymed units do not require any servicing. In particular they are suited to continuous operation guaranteeing high reliability with low power consumption.

Low maintenance demands!
OXYMED Oxygen Concentrators have a very low servicing requirement: only the air intake filters should be renewed every 18 months. All other components are maintenance-free