light quality

At the top a general lighting inclined to the room lightens the patient area and the room by a pleasant, glare-free light. No matter whether classic T5-fluorescent tubes with efficient, electronic ballast or long-life LED-technology: by optimised lighting values and flexible control the Schyns S 700 is a reliable and flexible solution. The general lighting in LED-technology can run over the whole length. In the end-to-end acrylic at the bottom there is the reading light in LED-technology – optionally electronically movable, in order to respond to the room situation. In spite of its low energy consumption a norm-conforming lighting of the reading and examination level is guaranteed. All Schyns lighting systems are optionally steplessly dimmable and support latest lighting control via DALI / TouchDim and 0-10V interface.
LED service life 50,000h at 70%
dimming range 10-100%

dynamic lighting

The positive effect of a dynamic lighting on the well-being of patients has been acknowledged in the meantime. With the lighting system Schyns “luxconsent” an infinitely variable adaptation of the light colour temperature between cosy warm and activating cool white is possible. Thus the natural colour gradient of daylight and its brightness fluctuations are simulated, basis of which are highly efficient LEDs, which always guarantee a premium illumination due to their high colour rendering index.

Even more scope for design development is offered by the RGB-atmosphere light that can be integrated: by means of coloured LEDs the room is bathed in different cue states. There are no limits to colour selection. Strong colours recognizable also during daytime emphasize deliberate accents while cosy white shades care for an atmospheric ambience in the evenings. Both systems are actuated by DALI-interface. Thus maximum flexibility and compatibility with the clinic control system is ensured.