according to individual wishes

The medical care units "pure" integrate the elements for high and low-voltage on the side. The installation material is the Gira System 55, integrated flush in the cover.

The medical gas outlets are integrated in the front panel. The front plate of the medical care unit can be decorated with all conventional HPL laminates. This enables incorporation in the design of the patient room – or the use of different colours to set off a contrast.

The side border of the front plate continues this flexibility: the 2 mm aluminium edges underline the slim form of the supply unit. Also highly elegant and of great practicality, the side railings prevent a direct frontal view of the sockets and also serve as fastenings for accessories such as consoles and device rails.


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The medical supply units are manufactured under compliance with all relevant standards.

Our quality management plan is certified for medical products in accordance with

  • EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009
  • Appendix II of the EU directive 93/42/EWG